Air revitalisors have always been in my “I WANT TO BUY YOU, BUT NEVER DID.” list (lol). It’s the list of things I want to buy but every time I decide to get it, on the last minute I tell myself “hmm. next time na nga lang.” then eventually forget about it until I see it somewhere again, then the cycle repeats (HAY NAKO ALY..). But a few weeks ago I finally got to check it out of my list all thanks to FAVORI. They were kind enough to send me a Leaf Aerator and some of their aromas. #blessedALY



Favori is actually a local brand (owned by Jac Tripon) that provides superb formulations that capture every individual’s unique scent preference. Understanding that scent preferences vary depending on a person’s personality, mood, lifestyle, and specific needs. They offer scents for every nook of the house, office, or retail area that not only enhances the ambience of any space, but also eliminates unwanted odors and refreshes the air with a cleansing anti-bacterial agent. Their scents range from sweet to stimulating, upbeat to relaxing, and zesty to fresh, among others—each one researched, tested, and carefully crafted to improve the well-being of its customers. And lastly as a brand that also considers the well-being of the environment, FAVORI advocates recycling by actively encouraging customers to return empty FAVORI bottles at their retail outlets in exchange for a discount on their next purchase. 




Ever since I received my package I immediately tried and tested it, and since then I couldn’t stop using it (Specially on long and tiring days). It became part of my relaxing routine. It also helps me calm down whenever I get anxiety attacks. Plus it’s so easy to use! Just fill up the aerator with water, just above the indicated line. Add a few drops of the Aerator / Diffuser Aroma Oil (Putting just 10 drops of oil in it can last up to 14 hours). Place back the cover, and plug it in. No Hassle sa Muscles right!?! haha. So I can pretty much say it changed my lifestyle. I really recommend checking out Favori products, since as I mentioned earlier they eliminates unwanted odors, refreshes the air, leaves any space smelling good and they’re environment friendly. So its really a win win situation.

For more information on FAVORI products, FOLLOW @favoriscents in Instagram, LIKE @favori.scents on Facebook and VISIT their website at WWW.FAVORI.PH. FAVORI scents are available at Robinson’s Place Manila, SM Megamall, SM City Marikina, SM Southmall and Market! Market!

Oh and by the way, Starting July 15, 2016, FAVORI will be giving away FREE Leaf Aerators to customers who collect ten (10) stamps in their FAVORI Rewards promo card.  Every P1,000 purchase of any FAVORI scent products or aroma devices entitles a customer to one (1) stamp. The promo runs until October 15, 2016 and redemption of the FREE Leaf Aerator is until December 15, 2016!


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