Damn Aly, back at it with the purple hair

1Bright hair again!

Holla fam! Two nights ago I decided to change my hair color since I couldn’t sleep (LOL) and was pretty much tempted to play with the new hair dyes that was sent to me. I originally told myself i wont use them just yet and save it for the month of May, Because Close Up Forever Summer haha. But yeah, I couldn’t resist coz it was late at night, I was SABAW, I have nothing better to do, hair dyes’ in front of me, they were La Riché Directions (LOOOOVE, one of my fave brands) I was weak,  voices telling me “use us~ I know you want too”. HAHA. Anyways I’ll sharing with you guys how I achieved my new huuuur! What products I use, methods, etc. since a lot have been asking me how I color my hair. 



The hair dyes I used for this is the La Riché Directions in PLUM and CERISE that was sent by an IG shop called @berbiedolls (CHECK THEM OUT)

(this is actually the second time they sent me hair dyes, the first two I got was Silver and Turquoise. As I said earlier I LOVE THIS BRAND, the colors are amazing and its easy to work with. I really recommend it!)

I wanted ombre effect and have dimension (like always) in my hair and not just 1 solid colour through out, that’s why I used 2 different coloured hair dyes. My hair is already in an ombre effect to begin with so It’s easier to do this style and I don’t need to bleach it. My hair started from a dark brown colour, then fades to a medium ash brown to a light ash brown ( excuse the terrible description of colours, because I really don’t know the exact colour name since its just the aftermath of my previous hair colour when it faded).


Before I started to dye my hair I first sectioned my hair to 3 parts (top to bottom) so that I will have a guide when I start applying the dyes since I’m doing a puple ombré.


After deciding how wide each section will be, I proceeded to colouring. I started first with section 3  where I wanted my lightest purple. I made 2 different mixtures for this. the first is a mixture of conditioner and plum, and the second one a mixture of conditioner and cerise. You want to have an almost pastel like colour for both mixture. After both mixture were done, I applied both randomly on section 3 while combing it time to time. After, I then proceeded to section 2. I applied the colour cerise on the whole section then comb it down to blend it with section 3. And lastly for section 1 I basically did the same method i used for section 2, but used the colour plum. 

note: dont put to much hair dye on you hair, just apply a good amount to dye the hair so that when you comb your hair it will blend the colours not mix it.


I let the dye sit on my hair for a 30 mins then washed it after. I really love how the colour combination turned out. So yeah! that’s pretty much how I do it every time I change my hair colour. Hope this post was helpful in some way to you guys who want to try something new with their hair.


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